Agarwood Zen Garden – Wind Mountain

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Table top zen garden decoration for your home or office.

With Wild Borneo Double Super Agarwood piece, shaped like a ‘slanted’ or ‘wind’ mountain.

Zen garden dimension: 15cm x 11cm

Bamboo rake included.

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Agarwood Zen Garden for your home or office

Zen garden uses rocks and sand to create the essence of nature. It promotes relaxation and stress-relief, therapeutic, and it stimulates creativity.

The addition of agarwood piece enhances beauty, balance, and flow of the energy surrounding (and also your decor).

In the famous Chinese tradition ‘Feng Shui’, which is the art of controlling the flow of energy in a particular space/spot, this ‘Wood of God‘ can be used as a source of auspicious Qi (or chi, which means energy), especially at the place where you need to introduce wood element.

Agarwood may also be used to cure Sha Qi (bad energy), by placing it in an area where the energy feel stagnant. It enriches the senses and is improving mental clarity. Agarwood is also known to be used to improve health.

With all its benefits, agarwood zen garden is a worthwhile feng shui item.


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