Brass OR Silver Frankincense / Fragrance / Essential Oil Burner


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Easy to use brass essential / fragrance oil burner

Can also be used for resin (e.g. frankincense, myrrh) incense.

Height: 12cm

Adjustable wooden handle.

Not compatible with the add-on brass sieve/mesh.



Brass / Silver Tea Light Candle Oil Burner

For outdoor and indoor use.

Keep away from children and pets.

Caution: burner is made almost entirely out of metal (brass). It gets hot very quickly. Handle with care.

How to use:

  • Fill bowl with water halfway
  • Add a few drops of oil in the bowl
  • Adjust the height (if neccessary) and light up the candle
  • Sit back and enjoy the aroma


Additional information


Brass (Gold), Silver


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