Instant / Quick-Lit Incense Charcoal Discs / Tablets – 33mm


These are quick-lit charcoal discs/tablets, ideal for incense, hookah/sheesha

33mm round discs

10 discs/roll


Quick-lit, long-lasting charcoal discs/tablets.

These charcoal are ideal for burning various types of incenses, also for hookah/sheesha


How to use:

  1. Light up a point on the charcoal (normally the outer part) until it turns grey and you can see red inside.
  2. Leave for a bit until the whole charcoal is lit (you can help by blowing gently).
  3. When the charcoal turns mostly grey in colour it’s ready to use.

Additional information


1 roll, 3 rolls, 10rolls (1 box)


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