Oud Agarwood Tasbih / Tasbeeh Prayer Beads (99 beads) 8mm


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99 beads Agarwood / Oud tasbih prayer beads

8mm beads (diameter)

Made from wild Sampit agarwood (Kalimantan/Borneo, Indonesia)

Weight approx. 18-20g

Handmade item



Premium Agarwood / Oud Moslem Prayer Beads

99 beads tasbih / tasbeeh

Each bead is approx. 8mm in diameter

Made from wild Aquilaria Malaccensis from Sampit, Kalimantan / Borneo, Indonesia.

Sweet, warm woody scent, unique to Kalimantan agarwood.

These tasbih are a steal for the price, and one of a kind.

No two are the same.

They were specially made for us from a rare agarwood log find.

Perfect as a gift, or a treasured indulgence.


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