Persian/ Iranian Saffron (Zafaran) 1g

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100% pure and natural

Grade 1 – Sargol (red stigma tips only – highest grade)

From Mashad, Khorasan, Iran

Price is for 1 gram.

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100% Pure and Natural Persian / Iranian Saffron threads

Hand-picked in a small window of blooming period from Mashad, Khorasan, Iran.

Grade 1 “Sargol” – red stigma tips only.


How to use:

Crush gently (with the back of a spoon), then steep in hot (not boiling) water for at least 10 mins, and up to 24 hours. Then use in recipes as directed, water and all.


Learn more about what amazing benefits saffron has to offer.

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1 review for Persian/ Iranian Saffron (Zafaran) 1g

  1. Naman (verified owner)

    Thank you soo much Christine for the Saffron. Loved it and its beautiful aroma and red colour.
    Will buy it again

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