Raindrops Concentrated Perfume Oil 10ml by Ajmal

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Raindrops by Ajmal is an Alcohol Free Women Fragrance

Combining uplifting Fruity and sensual Floral notes for the ultra-modern woman of today.

With a unique mix of Floral, Fruity and Fresh notes, Raindrops is a modern scent, which exudes a sleek and simplistic elegance enveloping the wearer in a delicate weave of contemporary elements.

The fragrance, with its clean, back to basics chic is designed to appeal to women who seek practical scents, reminiscent of outdoor freshness.



Raindrops by Ajmal reminds me of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, at a very affordable price ;)Quite long lasting, fruity, and elegant… safe for blind buying, worth a try.

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: fruity-floral-woody
Middle notes: animalistic floral
Base notes: floral-ambery-woody


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