20 Beads Oud Agarwood Mala Prayer Beads Bracelet


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Agarwood Beads Bracelet – Prayer Beads Bracelet

20 beads, 10mm diameter

weight: 11-13g

Made from Malinau Agarwood
Wild/Natural (NOT cultivated/farm)
Handcrafted, with soft, natural woody aroma.


Wild Agarwood Beads Bracelet

Mala Prayer Beads

Handmade from Wild Kalimantan (Indonesia) Agarwood / Oud

Benefits of wearing agarwood beads bracelets

Agarwood beads are believed to attract good and positive energy, thus can improve health and luck.

As you wear the bracelet, the natural agarwood oil will react with the natural oil from your skin, and this might alter the colour and aroma of your bracelet. This is completely natural and to be expected 🙂

If you wear the agarwood bracelet every day, after about 1 year, the beads might look more shiny and polished, darkened in colour.

Please avoid soaking in water for a long period, wearing it in the shower and bath. These might cause cracking when the beads dry.

If you wear lotion or perfume, the beads might absorb those substances due to its porous nature.
It will also change the aroma, and the change will be permanent.

These beads are porous, so you need to be careful of anything of liquid nature, including sweat. Normal sweating is generally okay, but excessive sweating might damage them, as soaking in water would.

Regular cleaning and polishing with soft cloth is needed, and please store it in an airtight container with moisture absorber when not in use, away from light.


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