Kopi Luwak – Genuine Wild Civet Coffee from Bali, Indonesia


Real, authentic, genuine Wild Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak) from Bali.

NOT from civet cats in captivation, these are from wild civets in Kintamani area, Bali – Indonesia.

Cleaned and roasted (medium strength)

Tastes smooth, and the aroma is exquisite.




Kopi Luwak – Wild Civet Coffee

from Kintamani area in Bali, Indonesia.

From wild civet cats’s droppings, NOT civet cats in captivation.


Wild civet coffee is superior in that the wild civet cats can choose the coffee beans that are ripe and sweet… the best tasting coffee beans.


Additional information


50g Sample pack, 250g


Beans, Coarsely Ground


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