Sacred Black Omani Frankincense Resin


Sacred Black Frankincense Resin Gum Incense (Sticky Black)

Boswellia Sacra family – from Oman

Wild and sustainably harvested


Sacred Black Frankincense Resin (Luban Aswad)

Wild harvested from the Dhofar region in Oman. Comes from frankincense trees of Boswellia Sacra genus. This region produces the best frankincense in Oman, grade that is specially set aside for the royal family.

The Black Frankincense has a fresh citrus-y twist to frankincense aroma. This black-honey coloured resin has an aroma in the sweet and spicy tones.

Black frankincense is the last stage of the healing process of the tree, it has all the other grades gelled together, too.

You can break bigger pieces into smaller pea-sized pieces for burning.

Commonly used in aromatherapy as mood enhancer, to alleviate anxiety and stress.


How to use frankincense resin as incense:

  1. With charcoal: take a piece of charcoal, then light a corner. Put in a suitable incense burner, and wait for approximately 2 minutes (or until all the charcoal is heated thoroughly and evenly). Then put a piece, or a few pieces on top of hot coal. Sit back and enjoy as the aroma fills the room.
    If the aroma is too strong for you, you might want to try putting the frankincense pieces/tears on a piece of alu foil. So, put the alu foil on top of hot charcoal, then put the frankincense piece(s) on top.
  2. With electric burner/melts warmer/oil burner: put a few pieces of frankincense  where you would put oil/melts. Turn the candle/electric burner on, and enjoy as the aroma fills the room.

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