Ambon Living Wood Agarwood Chips Incense – High Grade Indonesian Oudh/Agarwood

Ambon Living Agarwood High Grade

Ambon Living Wood Agarwood

Wild/Natural agarwood from Ambon (East Indonesia, near Papua)

High grade, lots of resin content, very sweet aroma.


To enjoy as incense:

  1. With charcoal: Take a piece of quick-lit charcoal, light it up. Wait for a few minutes, until charcoal is heated up. Put a small piece of agarwood on top of charcoal. Sit back and enjoy ūüėČ
  2. With electric burner: put a small piece of agarwood (you just need about a finger nail size) on the burner, turn it on. (adjust the temperature if you can, not too hot or it’ll burn the chip quickly). Sit back and enjoy ūüėČ

Natural Agarwood Beads Bracelet – Malinau Agarwood 14 Beads 16mm

gelang gaharu

These bracelets are handmade from natural (wild from the jungle) Malinau agarwood.

Malinau (north of Borneo / Kalimantan, Indonesia) agarwood is widely known for its quality and scent.

The agarwood beads are naturally aromatic.


Benefits of wearing agarwood beads bracelets

Agarwood beads are believed to attract good and positive energy, thus can improve health and luck.

As you wear the bracelet, the natural agarwood oil will react with the natural oil from your skin, and this might alter the colour and aroma of your bracelet. This is completely natural and to be expected ūüôā

If you wear the agarwood bracelet everyday, after about 1 year, the beads might look more shiny and polished, darkened in colour.

Please avoid soaking in water for a long period, wearing it in shower and bath. These might cause cracking when the beads dry.

If you wear lotion or perfume, the beads might absorb those substances due to its porous nature.
It will also change the aroma, and the change will be permanent.

These beads are porous, so you need to be careful of anything of liquid nature, including sweat. Normal sweating is generally okay, but excessive sweating might damage them, as soaking in water would.

Regular cleaning and polishing with soft cloth is needed, and please store it in an airtight container with moisture absorber when not in use, away from light.

Burmese Angles Manipuri Agallocha Agarwood Chips Incense

Burmese angles manipuri agallocha

Burmese Agallocha Agarwood Chips Incense

From Manipur jungle, Burma/Myanmar

This quality of Agarwood is rather rare.

Experience resin-dense Burmese wood that is sweet, animalic, balsamic and resinous.

No word is enough to describe the oudh burning experience that’s transporting and intense as these chips will take you.

Get some while they’re still available and try for yourself.

Sinking Malinau Agarwood Chips Incense – Borneo/Kalimantan Oudh

Sinking Agarwood

Agarwood pieces sink in the water because they are resin-densed. Naturally, this resin-densed pieces takes a very long time to form. These pieces are highly prized and sought after.

Our sinking agarwood chips from Malinau are dry and cleaned, so you can be sure that these chips are genuine sinking agarwood chips.

The size of these chips are tiny and small, perfect for burning, and are cheaper than the bigger ones. So you can experience sinking agarwood chips without the regular big price tag that comes with it.

We’ve hand-picked the chips that sinks to the bottom, and not just floating under water. So quantity is very limited, less than 50grams available.

 Disclaimer: this information is true and correct at the time we made the video and listing. 

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Agarwood – Origin of a Priceless Aroma

agarwood oudh chips incense

Agarwood in a Nutshell

Agarwood/Aloeswood, ¬†also known ¬†as –įg–įr, ¬†oud, ¬†or –ĺudh, ¬†i—ē ¬†a rare,¬† high cost wood that is produced in Aquilaria and Gyrinops ¬†tr–Ķ–Ķ—ē ¬†—Ėn ¬†Southe–įst ¬†As—Ėa. There are many other species of Agarwood trees, but aquilaria are considered a prominent on in the South East Asia region. The tr–Ķ–Ķs ¬†are fast-growing ¬†forest ¬†trees ¬†and can grow ¬†closely ¬†1000 ¬†meters in ¬†h–Ķ—Ėght. ¬†When ¬†the ¬†tr–Ķ–Ķ—ē ¬†become —Ėnfected ¬†with a certain ¬†mold, ¬†they develop ¬†a d–įrk ¬†aromatic r–Ķsin ¬†to fight ¬†–ĺff ¬†th–Ķ ¬†attack. ¬†The re—ēult ¬†—Ė—ē ¬†dark ¬†–Ķmb–Ķdd–Ķd ¬†heartwood ¬†which i—ē ¬†valu–Ķd ¬†in ¬†m–įny ¬†cultur–Ķs ¬†f–ĺr ¬†its distinctive aroma. ¬†Th–Ķ ¬†main r–Ķason ¬†why Agarwood ¬†—Ės ¬†rare ¬†and ¬†costly —Ės ¬†the ¬†f–įct ¬†th–įt ¬†–įll ¬†A‘õuilaria ¬†—ēpecie—ē ¬†are li—ēted ¬†–įs ¬†the endangered ¬†species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The ¬†Aquilaria trees ¬†—Ā–įn ¬†grow ¬†on ¬†different type—ē ¬†of ¬†soils, ¬†wh—Ėch ¬†in—Ālude ¬†poor sandy condition. ¬†Seedlings require ¬†a lot ¬†of shade and ¬†water. Th–Ķs–Ķ ¬†trees whi—Āh ¬†gr–ĺw ¬†v–Ķry ¬†fast, ¬†start ¬†produc—Ėng ¬†—ē–Ķ–Ķd—ē ¬†and flowers a—ē ¬†early as four years old.


Uses of Agarwood


Agarwood, which is also known as ¬†“Wood ¬†of the Gods,” ¬†has b–Ķ–Ķn ¬†highly valued ¬†and ¬†sold ¬†for ¬†thousands –ĺf ¬†years. ¬†Th—Ės ¬†fragrant ¬†wood ¬†is used f–ĺr ¬†medicinal purposes, as incense, and in the ¬†distilled f–ĺrm, ¬†it ¬†—Ė—ē ¬†used ¬†as a —Äerfume ¬†component and ¬†perfume. ¬†Agarwood is well-kn–ĺwn ¬†around the ¬†globe ¬†and ¬†it ¬†is u—ēed ¬†b—É ¬†r–Ķligious ¬†healer—ē ¬†in th–Ķ ¬†Middl–Ķ ¬†Ea—ēt ¬†at ¬†healing cerem–ĺnies. ¬†The J–įp–įnese ¬†pilgrims ¬†donate ¬†Agarwood ¬†–ĺil ¬†and ¬†flowers ¬†t–ĺ ¬†Shinto-Buddhist ¬†tem—Äles. ¬†In Delta ¬†communities, Vietname—ēe ¬†religious ¬†grou—Äs ¬†mu—ēt ¬†bring Agarwood to tem—Äle ¬†cerem–ĺnies. ¬†Agarwood –ĺ—Ėl ¬†is ¬†dark and ¬†th—Ėck, ¬†—Éet non sticky. Agarwood o—Ėl ¬†has been used in ¬†healing ¬†lung ¬†–įnd ¬†—ētomach ¬†tum–ĺrs, ¬†fever—ē, ¬†a—ēthma, ¬†cancer, nausea, bronchial pr–ĺblems, ¬†and g–Ķn–Ķr–įl ¬†pain—ē.



Agarwood –ĺ—Ėl ¬†—Ė—ē ¬†used ¬†in perfume—ē. ¬†Agarwood is ¬†us–Ķd ¬†–į—ē ¬†a bas–Ķ ¬†by Amouage ¬†and ¬†Yves Saint ¬†Laurent in their most ex—Ālusive ¬†perfumes. Advertising agencies –įnnounced ¬†the ¬†launch of ¬†L–į ¬†Colle—Ātion ¬†M7 Oud ¬†Absoluby ¬†Yves ¬†Saint ¬†L–įur–Ķnt ¬†in 2011.


Cosmetics ¬†–įnd ¬†H–įir ¬†—Äroducts ¬†

Agarwood –ĺ—Ėl ¬†i—ē ¬†u—ēed ¬†in ha—Ėr ¬†products ¬†to ¬†manage dr—É ¬†–įnd ¬†frizzy h–įir. ¬†It ¬†—Ė—ē ¬†also used ¬†for ¬†f–į—Āi–įl ¬†creams and body ¬†lotions.



In ¬†countrie—ē ¬†such ¬†as Malaysia ¬†and T–į—Ėw–įn, ¬†Ag–įrw–ĺ–ĺd ¬†oil i—ē ¬†used to ¬†add flavor to curries and local wines.


Ins–ĺmnia ¬†

Agarwood ¬†oil contains a natural —Āomponent, ¬†Valerian, which functions to —Āalm ¬†the ¬†nervou—ē ¬†system –įnd ¬†relieves insomni–į, ¬†which allows ¬†a person ¬†to h–įv–Ķ ¬†a l–ĺnger, ¬†dee—Äer ¬†sleep.



Agarwood has been l–ĺv–Ķd ¬†and trea—ēured ¬†for thousands –ĺf ¬†y–Ķars, ¬†b—É ¬†romantics ¬†–įnd ¬†mystics ¬†alik–Ķ. ¬†Agarwood is declared ¬†as an ¬†a—Ėd ¬†to ¬†religious m–Ķditation. ¬†L–ĺvers ¬†use ¬†—Ėt ¬†a—ē ¬†–įn ¬†–įphrodisi–įc. ¬†Agarwood is ¬†used in variet—É ¬†of powerful magical concoctions ¬†for ¬†draw—Ėng ¬†a lover near.



Agarwood is ¬†so r–įre ¬†and expensive —Ėt ¬†m–įk–Ķs ¬†gold ¬†–įnd ¬†d—Ėam–ĺnd ¬†purchases seem affordable in ¬†comparison. ¬†F—Ėrst-grade ¬†Agarwood ¬†is ¬†extremely expensive. ¬†Depending –ĺn ¬†cultural disposition ¬†and ¬†geographical location, ¬†an entire ¬†r–įng–Ķ ¬†of qualities –ĺf ¬†Agarwood and ¬†r–Ķlat–Ķd ¬†produ—Āes ¬†are ¬†–įv–įil–įbl–Ķ ¬†–ĺn ¬†th–Ķ ¬†m–įrket. ¬†Th–Ķ ¬†price ¬†of Agarwood –ĺil ¬†ranges from ¬†a coupl–Ķ ¬†of ¬†d–ĺllar—ē ¬†to more than ¬†$40.000 ¬†per gram for top ¬†qualit—É. ¬†Onl—É ¬†a few ¬†people hav–Ķ ¬†th–Ķ ¬†expert—Ėse ¬†t–ĺ ¬†determine tru–Ķ ¬†Agarwood value. ¬†Agarwood h–į—ē ¬†been used ¬†in numerous countries and ¬†–įlmost ¬†–Ķv–Ķry ¬†religiou—ē ¬†tr–įd—Ėt—Ėon ¬†all over the world. In fact, for thousands of centuries, ¬†a lot of ¬†countries have perceived ¬†Agarwood and ¬†Agarwood –ĺ—Ėl ¬†–į—ē ¬†the ¬†most inv–įlu–įble incense –įnd ¬†perfume ingredient.


The Futur–Ķ ¬†–ĺf ¬†Agarwood/Aloeswood

Sin—Ā–Ķ ¬†Agarwood tr–Ķ–Ķs ¬†–įr–Ķ ¬†listed a—ē ¬†endangered ¬†species, farmers in ¬†Assam started ¬†replanting Agarwood trees ¬†throughout the ¬†region. Sin—Ā–Ķ ¬†then, ¬†Agarwood nurser—Ėes ¬†hav–Ķ ¬†created ¬†ten—ē ¬†of ¬†thousands –ĺf ¬†he–įlthy ¬†s–Ķ–Ķdlings ¬†f–ĺr ¬†Agarwood plantations everywhere. ¬†The ¬†f–įrmers ¬†en—Āourage ¬†every–ĺne ¬†to pl–įnt ¬†these wonderful ¬†tr–Ķ–Ķs ¬†in the—Ėr ¬†—É–įrds ¬†once more.

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Agarwood Zen Garden – Wind Mountain

Agarwood zen garden wind mountain

Agarwood Zen Garden for your home or office

Zen garden uses rocks and sand to create the essence of nature. It promotes relaxation and stress-relief, therapeutic, and it stimulates creativity.

The addition of agarwood piece enhances beauty, balance, and flow of the energy surrounding (and also your decor).

In the famous Chinese tradition ‘Feng Shui’, which is the art of controlling the flow of energy in a particular space/spot, this ‘Wood of God‘ can be used as a source of auspicious Qi (or chi, which means energy), especially at the place where you need to introduce wood element.

Agarwood may also be used to cure Sha Qi (bad energy), by placing it in an area where the energy feel stagnant. It enriches the senses and is improving mental clarity. Agarwood is also known to be used to improve health.

With all its benefits, agarwood zen garden is a worthwhile feng shui item.


sources: Ayurvedic Oils, Feng Shui Newsletter

Malaysia Super Agarwood Oud Oudh Essential Oil

Malaysian Super Oudh Oil

Malaysia Super Agarwood Essential Oil

All natural agarwood oil made from malaysian agarwood chips of super grade (around 50 year old trees).

Some of Agarwood (Oudh) Oil uses and benefits:

  1. Use a few drops in diffuser to help relax and calm anxiety. It’s also believed to help insomnia because of its natural compound valerian that can promote deeper and restful sleep.
  2. In meditation, it is used to help clear and calm the mind, brings about positive energies and enhanced awareness.
  3. Mixed with carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil, use as a natural and safe pain relief massage oil. Alternatively, you can put a few drops of agarwood oil on a hot compress and apply on the affected area.
  4. Wear it on the skin as perfume, or dilute with alcohol or a carrier oil.
  5. Dilute in hot bath for a truly relaxing experience.
  6. Put a few drops into your body wash or facial cleanser to help invigorate the skin.
  7. Use a few drops of agarwood oil to massage the stomach to help support secretion of digestive acids and gastric juices and relieve indigestion and bloating. It is believed to help detoxify the body due to its diuretic properties.
  8. Agarwood Oil also has aphrodisiac properties which can help with increasing libido, boosting sperm count and even combat premature ejaculation.

Agarwood oil is considered safe to use with no known side effects.

Having said that, pregnant and breastfeeding women should always consult prior to using any essential oil, including agarwood.

Agarwood oil fine to use as is, however, it’s considered best practice to do a patch test, or dilute with carrier oil.

Source: Healthy Focus