Sinking Malinau Agarwood Chips Incense – Borneo/Kalimantan Oudh


Sinking Agarwood from Malinau, North Borneo/Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Grade Super


Less than 50grams available!


Sinking Agarwood

Agarwood pieces sink in the water because they are resin-densed. Naturally, this resin-densed pieces takes a very long time to form. These pieces are highly prized and sought after.

Our sinking agarwood chips from Malinau are dry and cleaned, so you can be sure that these chips are genuine sinking agarwood chips.

The size of these chips are tiny and small, perfect for burning, and are cheaper than the bigger ones. So you can experience sinking agarwood chips without the regular big price tag that comes with it.

We’ve hand-picked the chips that sinks to the bottom, and not just floating under water. So quantity is very limited, less than 50grams available.

 Disclaimer: this information is true and correct at the time we made the video and listing. 

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