Western Australian Sandalwood Chips Incense Santalum Spicatum


Native Sandalwood species froM Western Australia – Santalum Spicatum

From Sandalwood trees that have naturally died

The chips vary in size, but approximately 5 – 8cm in length


Sandalwood Chips Incense are natural beautifully aromatic wood.

Sandalwood has been use in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

Benefits are reaped when chips are burned (as incense).

The aroma is known to aid in calming and relaxation.

Recommended for use in meditation, religious and custom ceremonies.


How to Use Sandalwood Chips Incense:

  1. Using charcoal incense burner: After you light up the charcoal, put a folded alu foil on top of the charcoal, and put the sandalwood chip(s) on top.
  2. Using an electric incense burner: Put the sandalwood chip(s) directly on the burner plate.

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50 g, 100g, 200g, 1kg


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