Western Australian Sandalwood Powder – Santalum Spicatum


Native Sandalwood species from Western Australia – Santalum Spicatum

From Sandalwood trees that have naturally died


Sandalwood Chips Incense are natural beautifully aromatic wood.

Sandalwood has been use in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

Sandalwood contains anti-bacterial properties and can therefore be used as a herbal antiseptic. This can provide benefits for bruises, scars and blemishes.

The powder is a perfect addition to use in traditional incense burners to add the relaxing aroma of sandalwood for meditation, relaxation, prayer and ceremonies.

For personal care, the powder can be mixed with water or creams to make a paste for the body or face.

Our Sandalwood Powder is great to add to your favourite face wash for a gentle exfoliant. Add a pinch of powder to your face  in the palm of your hand, the powder particles are small enough they will gently exfoliate your face and add the benefits of sandalwood essential oils contained in the wood. We recommend you do not add the powder to the bottle, but a little in your hand as you are washing your face.

You can also burn our Sandalwood powder as incense. You can burn pure 100% Australian Sandalwood Powder without any additives and know that you and your family can breathe easy. Simply make a pyramid shape with Sandalwood powder in a heatproof dish and light the top. The powder will slowly smoulder just as incense does. No need to add anything.

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